Lets Talk About Pups

“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”
– Wag The Dog, 1997

Specializing in puppies *under 5 months of age*

My Service,
Yes, I use Zoom. It works!!
By using Zoom, I can meet with you from any location with internet access.
I have clients from Durham Region,Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, California and even the U.K.  I find the Zoom consults to actually be more effective than in person.
It was an amazing discovery!

A great addition to any puppy training classes you may be attending.

Virtual consultations are very productive and successful, plus a cost effective way to employ the expertise of a skilled trainer.
For me, after over 30 years of chatting to clients on the phone, virtual consultations are equally or more effective in collecting info, making a plan, and explaining it to you.
I utilize video submissions to help us on our journey, to ensure a full understanding of all the issues.

This is the ideal way to start the puppy training process.

Why my service is different from traditional trainers
My service is truly a specialty service.  I am here to get puppies…and their people…off to a great start.  Pups under 5 months old, and their families, have different issue than older pups.

With Zoom, I can effectively help you with issues such as crate training, toilet training, scheduling and especially with the constant nipping, biting and lunging that affects most families.  I can also help you navigate all the differing styles and opinions from friends, family and YouTube.  I know it is overwhelming.

A consultation will cover all your main areas of concern and avoid problem behavior in the future.  This is the ideal way to start the puppy training process.  I will discuss your concerns and a plan will be done, and taught, in order to reach your goals.

Why I don’t offer “skills” training
Skills training are the words you teach your pup to help with communication – sit/stay/down/come etc.  After sorting out the initial issues with new-to-you pups via Zoom, I prefer to refer my clients to a trainer that can work with them, either in class or private, for hands on skills training. I am frequently referred to by my trainer colleagues, as we can work hand in hand to help you. Our services are different and compatible.

Now what?
I invite you to click onto all the pages of this website.
You will see my experience outlined on a few of the pages.
And I invite you to meet me “virtually” on my Video and YouTube pages 🙂
Next…the details of my Raising Canine Puppy Consultation are below.
Once you send in your registration, I will email you with video criteria, plus some appointment times.  Rest assured, I can usually book you in quickly.

Raising Canine – Puppy Consultation 

Puppy nipping, biting, barking, chewing and that pesky toilet/crate training is frustratng for most families.  Making sure you have strategies in place for feeding, toilet training and sleep schedule as soon as possible is the key to a happy, stable puppy.


Overwhelmed?  A face to face Zoom chat with an industry expert will alleviate your stress, sort through all the on-line advice and get you back on track.

I can help.

Lunging and biting can be overwhelming and may lead to problematic behavior in the future. It is important to get those issues in order, and to develop trust between you and your pup, before any training occurs. Understanding puppy behavior and how to effectively curb unwanted issues is something I specialize in.

Socialization is another big issue with puppies and the time frame to maximize your pups exposure quickly disappears as they start to grow up.  It is not about meeting and greeting other dogs, it is exposure to the real world.   Lets work together to avoid separation anxiety.  I can certainly explain strategies to use, via Zoom.

Raising Canine Puppy Consultation is ideal for those that have just added a pup to their family, or are having difficulties after trying a variety of methods. With all your questions and concerns answered!

If you are expecting a pup soon, you can book a consult prior to his arrival for toilet training and problem avoidance. Email me for details.

Consultation fee

$65.00 per hour, including applicable tax
*Most Raising Canine Consultations are approx 1.5 to 2 hours long*
Payment is via e transfer, due after your appt, on the same day.


To book an Appointment


Please email me and include your name and any family members living in home (ages of children if applicable)
Also include pups name/age/breed and some of the issues you are experiencing.
I will then email you for more details and to set up your Zoom appt.
Chat soon!

Book Appointment…and Questions  gillian@caninecoach.ca 

Looking for group Puppy Classes?

For skills training in Durham Region please contact www.whoswalkingwho.ca

In Addition…

Gillian is available for consultation on all things “puppy”

Breed Clubs and Media Events

Gillian is available to speak at your next meeting or dog related trade show or Zoom event. Please click onto all pages for media related experience.

No need to hesitate, send us a detailed email, and we will get back to you with a quote.