Pup at Home

“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”
– Wag The Dog, 1997

Our service area is Durham, including Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and Brooklin, within 20 min drive from Westney and Bayley in Ajax.
A travel fee will apply outside this service area, thank you.
**All prices posted are including any applicable taxes**
Questions and to book home visit – gillian@caninecoach.ca 
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Raising Canine Puppy Consultation 

Has puppy nipping, biting, barking, chewing and that pesky house training got you frustrated?
We can help. A consultation done in-home will cover all your main areas of concern and avoid issues in the future.  This is the ideal way to start the puppy training process.  We will discuss your concerns and a plan will be done, and taught, in order to reach your goals.

Gillian is also available for home visits prior to puppy arrival, to make sure the transition goes smooth.

$155.00, including applicable tax, for 1.5 hours
$25 per each additional 30 min
Handouts are included.
Videos can be submitted for perusal prior to appt.

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Puppy Einstein 4-Week Program 

We feel that group puppy classes are great for pups, and encourage your attendance. Email for referrals in your area.

However, sometimes your schedule may preclude weekly sessions, your pup may still be a few weeks too young for group class, or  you may simply prefer the attention that private one-to-one puppy training will provide.

The Puppy Einstein program is what you need.

This 4 week program will be geared towards pups under 6 months of age, and will cover skills such as sit, stay, stand, down, come, leave-it and the initial stage of leash walking. Done in the comfort of your home, and an appointment flexibility to suit your family.

$410.00, including applicable tax.  4 sessions will be booked in advance
Handouts are included.

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Training Walks and Special Attention 

If you are in group classes with a more mature dog, and would like some added one-on-one attention to work on certain skills, we can help!  Gillian is available for one-on-one private lessons including training walks to put your lessons into practical application.  Of course, this is Canada so we will be at the mercy of the weather if working outdoors.

Training Walk (skills such as sit/down/stay)- $110.00 per hour
Small Breed/Puppy Leash Reactivity – $110 per hour.
Average appt time is 1.5 – 2 hours, depending on capacity to add training walk (weather and time of day dependent)
Behavioral Consultation – $250  for 1.5 hour initial appointment. This is for minor puppy issues. Email for details.

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Phone Consults 

We know this is a difficult time for the new Puppy Parents and you may need some help and guidance during Covid time.  Help is here!

I am available for phone consultations to discuss all things puppy!

We can even get you started before you bring your pup home.

A call to check on your in-home set up is a great start.  If you already have your pup, not to worry, we can start at any point in your training.

And in this modern age, any videos can be incorporated if needed.
Handouts/pertinent articles will be sent after the appointment.


$25 for 30 minutes (or part thereof), including applicable tax,
Most phone consults are generally an hour.
E transfers can be done safely.

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Puppy Points Seminar

Gillian is well known for her people-only Puppy Seminar!  It is a fun way to get entertained and educated on all things pup, in a group of like minded puppy parents. We suggest this to all new, and not so new, puppy clients. We can all use an update, and finding out the current info on puppy raising is always a good plan. You don’t have your pup yet? Perfect…having knowledge prior to bringing home baby is ideal.

Held at various locations in Durham.
Next date: email us to go on wait list

Citizen Canine Seminar

Is your dog becoming a teenager? Are you overwhelmed? Our Citizen Canine Seminar aims to shed light on many of the issues that surround the raising of a proper Canine Citizen. We will cover stress signals, use of a tether, environmental cues, barking, attention seeking, problem avoidance, power of play and one of the biggest issues…leash reactivity. If your dog is vocal or lunges out towards other dogs or stimuli such as bikes and roller blades, this will give you some insight.

Held at various locations in Durham
Next date: email us to go on wait list

In Addition…

Gillian is available for consultation on all things “puppy”.

Need help deciding on a breed? Happy to have a chat.

Need help but live out of town? Happy to do email or phone consults

No need to hesitate, send us a detailed email, and we will get back to you with a quote.